/ Impact Funding / by Niklas Ruf

Social Impact Bond Augsburg: Scientific Evaluation Published

The results of the accompanying scientific evaluation are now available after the success evaluation determined the target achievement of the Social Impact Bond in Augsburg.

Two evaluations, each with a different focus, were carried out as part of the Social Impact Bond project in Ausburg. The so-called success evaluation was commissioned with the aim of reviewing and possibly approving the objectives to be achieved within the SIB by an independent party (the main results can be found here). This evaluation is a crucial component of every SIB project, since the funds invested by the public sector are only reimbursed if the objectives are achieved.

In contrast, the accompanying scientific evaluation reviewed the operative implementation of the SIB in order to identify key factors for the successful structuring of pay-for-success concepts. This evaluation provides important findings on the project execution, however, it has no influence on the achievement of objectives.

The final report made by Prof. Dr. Barbara Scheck confirms our own evaluation: many things went well, but there is certainly room for improvement. Therefore the results of the accompanying evaluation will be used to help us develop further SIB projects.

Below you find a summary of the key statements in English. The final report of the accompanying evaluation in German language can be read here.