/ Eleven / by Ute Volz

“What Good Will It Do?” – An SROI analysis of the Balu und Du mentoring program

Since March 2018, the analysis of the social return on investment (SROI) of the Balu und Du mentoring program, conducted by Value for Good, Eleven and SIC in 2015, is also available in English.

Our study demonstrates three things:

(1) The Balu und Du program is not only one of the most convincing academically evaluated programs for child and youth development in Germany, the effects of the program also bring monetary value.

(2) A social return on investment is even determinable for measures targeted at elementary school children.

(3) Valuation of a program in the context of SROI does not mean the end of the discussion on the economic impact, but rather the beginning of it. The prerequisite is that all assumptions, sources and calculations are disclosed without exception, as is the case in the study presented.

The study “What Good Will It Do” also aims to encourage those who are interested in what the programs they are running or funding in the social sector actually change (individual impact) and what they bring in terms of added value (economic impact and/or added societal value).

The study puts forward that yes, the value can be determined! Of course, this does not mean that social programs should now be assessed in terms of their monetary value alone. But the monetary value should be recognized. And it should be made transparent, particularly when it comes to taxpayer money used to finance such programs. The same goes for the individual effectiveness of a program – the Balu und Du program is also a good model for its scientific review and analysis.