/ Impact Funding / by Niklas Ruf

Second German SIB started

Two years after we saw the successful completion of our Social Impact Bond project, the first of its kind in Germany, the next SIB project has officially launched in Osnabrück.

This Social Impact Bond project, which will run from September 2017 to September 2021, is aimed at helping parents in the district of Osnabrück who are in need of individualized assistance due to challenging family situations. The program that will be implemented, Triple P, takes a preventative approach and aims to strengthen parenting skills and family relationships, which in turn should reduce the need for (costly) conventional support systems.

The SIB project was developed jointly by the Bertelsmann Foundation and Phineo gAG, together with the government and other project partners. For further details about the start of the SIB project, please refer to this information sheet

An overview of the first German SIB project, that was managed by us, can be found here. And this 4-minute film explains the idea behind Social Impact Bonds.