/ Eleven / by Ute Volz

Principles of effectiveness in a short film

The importance of outcomes as opposed to mere outputs often comes up in the discussion surrounding impact assessment and success-oriented support. What exactly do these terms refer to? An animated film explains all.

The project Invest in Results, which was initiated by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Nonprofit Finance Fund to highlight solutions to increase efficiency in the social sector, has taken on these terms which are key to effectiveness. A short animated film was created to clarify this. It demonstrates the main differences between outcomes and outputs and, at the same time, points out the potential that can be reaped by putting more focus on outcomes.

We believe that outcomes, not outputs, of social intervention are decisive, and recommend this film in English as a means of introducing the topic.

In short, the terms can be explained as follows:

Services rendered

Changes in a target group as a result of a service